Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good morning

Well, afternoon, technically.

My point is: hi.

I will post here my film journal, which I have heretofore kept for no one's amusement but my own. I've decided to put it on the web because:

A) There's nothing wrong with self-promotion

B) Nothing stifles the growth of good ideas more than locking them away and keeping them from receiving the feedback that will turn them into great ones

So. I'm not putting out everything I've written this year thus far because that would take too long but I'll entertain the notion eventually. The reviews are out of 5 stars and I give quarter stars (not-quite-OCD; bygones). I write about films I've seen before (RV!=Repeat Viewing!) and short films (ISF=Itsa Short Film) as well as keeping a tally of the films I've seen this year that I hadn't before. These will go towards a conventional "Top 10" of films released in theaters somewhere across the US in 2009 and it will also go towards a list I call "The Best of Me," which I am still working out.

Last year I wrote more in general about each film I saw but this year, I've given myself a little more slack. There will be some short posts and some long ones. You'll see.

But for the moment, don't hesitate to say "Hey, how's trix," disagree or agree in the comments. 

Allez cuisine, eh?

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