Saturday, April 3, 2010

125) Close-Up (1990)

125) Close-Up (1990) Dir: Abbas Kiarostami Date Released: December 1999 Date Seen April 1, 2010 Rating: 4/5

The problem with watching a film that has as much cachet as Close-Up does is it's hard not to be too expectant. I don't buy into the notion that your expectations ultimately dictate how you react to a film (prejudices and preferences only dictate your judgment so much, y'know?). But I also just didn't see something here that it seems many others did. True, I was completely caught up in the Wiseman-esque trial scenes in the film and in the playful supposition that this man impersonating Makhmalbaf was role-playing even after he was clearly caught. But I don't see how this film works as anything more than a superficial commentary on the way cinema and life cyclically are inextricable from one another. A very strong film but I can't really speak to the rest, which probably won't keep me up at nights.

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