Wednesday, April 13, 2011

353) Stake Land (2010)

353) Stake Land (2010) Dir: Jim Mickle Date Released: April 2011 Date Seen: October 27, 2010 Rating: 3/5

I can see Mickle's affection for the archetypes he uses throughout his patchwork post-apocalyptic world. I just can't see much else there beyond a generally competent and thankfully sincere use of otherwise generic used parts. Stake Land reminded of Zombieland except Mickle's film is not sarcastic, just adrift and pleased-with-itself, like a kid in a candy store with money to spend and no real idea how to spend it. Who knows? I may have expected more from this than I got and my opinion could improve upon review. Still: I was there at Lincoln Center when they screened this. Full house, my best friend in tow and Larry Fessenden giggling to Mickle and the cast in the handicapped ramp of the Walter Reade Theater. If I didn't love that film then, I don't know if I can later.

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