Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

325) Chopper (2000) Dir: Andrew Dominik Date Released: April 11, 2001 Date Seen: October 23, 2012 Rating: 3.5/5

My favorite part of stories told from the confused perspective of a sociopath/psychopath/homeopath/ok-maybe-not-that-last-one is the part where the sociopath/psychopath/off-the-beaten-path starts to lose it. Not quite lost it, because filmmaker can usually fake it with sufficient bravado by that point. But almost lost it, the point in the story where the...the guy starts to get confused. In Chopper, Eric Bana almost breaks down repeatedly but he never does, mostly because he can't believe what he's done.

 I don't think Andrew Dominik's debut film is consistently compelling, but the scenes I liked most, like the post-shiv prison scene, are pretty compelling. Still, parts of the film were (understandably) monotonous. I mean, how long can I watch Bana, who gives a great performance here, tell people that they oughta trust him, trust him, why don'tcha trust him, just trust him, trust him, TRUST 'IM! For me, Chopper's just barely the weakest of Dominik's three recent features. But it is pretty compelling, in fits and starts.

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