Sunday, March 22, 2009

78) The Blob (1988)

78) The Blob (1988) Dir: Chuck Russell Date Released: August 1988 Date Seen: March 22nd, 2009 Rating: 3.25/5

Though director/co-writer Chuck Russell and co-writer Frank Darabont’s remake of The Blob delivers the kind of detail and humor that such a quasi-nostalgic, quasi-modern remake requires, there’s something fundamentally unsatisfying about a film that so efficiently curtails its own ambition. Their Blob is a neat little drive-in movie for an audience with no cars, multiplex filmgoers whose brains are addled by bad slasher fare that are now (apparently) seeking a light, intelligent and almost challenging alternative. In that respect, Russell and Darabont deliver, but for brevity’s sake, they go no farther. Mindless fun was far enough and to that myopic end, their Blob’s a hit.


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