Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ISF: The Slow Game (2009)

ISF: The Slow Game (2009) Dir: Paolo Sorrentino Date Seen: September 23, 2009 Rating: 3/5

Sorrentino continues his distressing trend towards mediocrity in The Slow Game, a worldless but no less bombastic short about his pet concern, being alone together. The short follows a group of men as they prepare for some mysterious ritual together with all the solemnity and menace of criminals on their way to a heist. But no, instead, they're on their way to a rugby game, an event Sorrentino is only really interested in for its team dynamic and its clearly defined goals. Like some kind of hipster alien, he sees the game as the perfect setting for a mute story of betrayal between two team-mates and the woman they both love. Ironic! Tragic! Completely derivative of everything he's done, especially in One Man Up! Looks great and the sense of mystery and menace is palpable. But Sorrentino could've done this in his sleep.

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