Wednesday, July 21, 2010

134) Tiptoes (2003)

134) Tiptoes (2003) Dir: Matthew Bright Date Released: January 2004 Date Seen: April 11, 2010 Rating: 0.75/5

I went into this movie kicking and screaming or as close to that as I get when it comes to movies I want to rubberneck to. And what I got was so much worse than I could've imagined. This thing is so obliviously horrid, so cluelessly stupid, so malignantly insensitive that it caused inner turmoil within me the likes of which I haven't felt since I first stumbled upon the original live-action Captain America movie. It hurt me. Deep inside. No one should have to suffer through this indignity silently. I'm Simon Abrams and I was raped by Tiptoes. Share your stories and support in the comments section, please.


  1. Have not seen yet, but have seen the trailer, which struck me as offensive, and I've watched a few Dorf on Golf sketches.

  2. Simon, I know you don't mean to be doing this, but as far as I'm concerned your attempt to dissuade me from renting this flick, like immediately, is as effective as using sugar as an ant repellant.
    I know I'll regret it, but now I have to see it for myself.

  3. Fair enough. But seriously, it is horrid. Not in a fun way but in a really, really unpleasant way.