Monday, March 14, 2011

ISF: Pardon My Backfire (1953)

ISF: Pardon My Backfire (1953) Dir: Jules White Date Released: August 1953 Date Seen: August 13, 2010 Rating: 3.75/5

This 3D Three Stooges segment really hit my buttons. It's not especially sophisticated in terms of its slapstick's choreography but I do enjoy seeing 3D technology so fully exploited (love the bit where they're fixing the car, which is probably the most advanced bit in the film, if only in terms of comic timing). One of the only times I've actually sat down and purposefully watched a Three Stooges segment; a good experience. I tend to think that watching them in a movie theater with an audience is preferable because otherwise, I don't really laugh as much. Then again, how often does one have that luxury?

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