Wednesday, March 16, 2011

258) The Expendables (2010)

258) The Expendables (2010) Dir: Sylvester Stallone Date Released: August 2010 Date Seen: August 20, 2010 Rating: 1.25/5

Before seeing this film, I wasn't sure how anyone could get excited for a high-concept actioner like this and after having seen The Expendables, I'm even less sure. Yes, it features your favorite '80s action stars and Dolph Lundgren too and if you like wrestlers like Randy Couture or Jet Li, Jason Statham, or Terry Crews, you might hope you'd be well-served by The Expendables. But this is a film directed by Rambo. Granted, I haven't seen Rambo direct Rambo but come on, I hear that film is only worth it for the crack factor. Stallone's noble hard man of the people act rubs me the wrong way, mostly because I just don't think he's that charming. The Expendables is a snooze because the dialogue is lousy, the action scenes are filmed with no panache (seriously, who shot this film and why was he trying to pay homage to Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark?) and almost every one of Sly's resourceful actors are given zilch in the way of serviceable material to work with. Who wants to see He-Man, Wong Fei Hung, Chev Chelios or even Rocky like this?

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