Friday, December 30, 2011

450) The Woman (2011)

450) The Woman (2011) Dir: Lucky McKee Date Released: October 14, 2011 Date Seen: October 23, 2011 Rating: 3/5

I wish I felt more strongly about Lucky McKee's latest film. I can see both the smart-ass wit and creative frustration that people respond to in May here. And I even think he's become a more confident story-teller. He's become a better satirist, too: this one feels like a proudly cracked-out Sirk parody. I can also get behind a number of McKee's brattier decisions, including the choice to only whip out the human dog at the last minute (struck me as a decision that a younger, Katakuris-era Miike would make). But I really just do not like the scene where "the woman" gets her revenge. In that moment, McKee goes beyond irony-for-its-own-sake to semi-serious self-righteousness. But that's just a tonal hiccup and perhaps it's simply another way for McKee to pull the rug out from under his viewers (or at least, his ideal audience...though I'm not even sure if he's thinking this far ahead). Still, that scene irks me. The rest of the film's ok though

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