Monday, June 29, 2009

202) Where a Good Man Goes (1999)

202) Where a Good Man Goes (1999) Dir: Johnnie To Not Yet Released Date Seen: June 29th, 2009 Rating: 1.75/5

There's a good reason why Johnnie To has not seriously pursued making domestic dramas. Where a Good Man Goes, the story of a mercurial gangster (Lau Ching-wan, of course) that falls in love with a single mom (Ruby Wong), sinks underneath the weight of preposterous conservative ideas about the essential "good"ness of a potential male suitor. In the film, our anti-hero gives us no good reason as to why he should be given a chance to win our heroine's heart. He uses her son to get to her, abducting him so that he can play with him. This is after he berates her and beats up several cab drivers, an act which she apparently has not just disavowed to the police but to herself because she eventually allows him to play with Junior. Jim Anderson he's not.

 Lau's character also almost rapes Wong's and holds up a bank to get the money from his abusive ex to pay off her debts. The fact that he stops himself from doing anything more than ripping her clothes off (after he hears her kid calling for her, no less) and is stealing for her makes everything all right. When family matters call, apparently anything goes. Yikes.

Additionsal Notes: I would've rated this tedious film lower were it not for Suet Lam's larger role in the film. More mole, please.

Lau Ching-wan's lackluster performance confirms my suspicions about his extremely limited range. He puts nothing on the line, showing that he is emotionally wounded by covering his eyes with his hands instead of actually emoting. Ah well; we'll always have Mad Detective.

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