Saturday, October 3, 2009

323) Lord Love a Duck (1966)

323) Lord Love a Duck (1966) Dir: George Axelrod Date Released: February 1966 Date Seen: September 3, 2009 Rating: 3.25/5

Sketch movies are tricky things because if you can get into its one-note joke, they can become personal favorites in no time. Lord Love a Duck is pretty much everything Ricky Gervais/Mark Robinson's tired The Invention of Lying isn't--an aggressive putdown of the superficial foundation of societal norms with energy to spare. Its stable of screenwriters' jokes are also very full of their own high-handed, screwball humor. Though the film doesn't really slow down when they get tired, it does get tedious right quick. Director George Axelrod and co. had a wealth of talent at their disposal--Roddy McDowall, Ruth Gordon and Harvey Korman--and they're to good use, most of the time. But the reams of possibilities not explored in this film are too maddening for my taste.

And now I get beer, mix with Roger Corman, make par-tee time.


  1. You're right that there's no real progression there, but I still think the movie doesn't overwhelm you in any aggressive manner; no tediousness felt this side of the pond, anyway.

  2. It's more passive-aggressive than head-on angry but still, felt unfocussed and mean-spirited, a deadly combo.