Monday, August 15, 2011

20) Season of the Witch (2011)

20) Season of the Witch (2011) Dir: Dominic Sena Date Released: January 7, 2011 Date Seen: January 24, 2011 Rating: 2.5/5

Maybe it's because I was drinking cola-diluted Absente (it was my birthday, after all). But so help me Jabba, I maintain that Dominic Sena is a good action director. Yes, Witch's screenplay stinks and Nicolas Cage and Ron Perelman didn't spend nearly enough time wrestling with wolves, Satan, etc. But the draw bridge scene in this movie, like the scene in Whiteout where Kate Beckinsale is feeling her way around in the middle of a harsh snow storm using only a rope anchored by some stakes, is genuinely good. Perhaps it's just adequate-good and I'm blowing this whole let-us-sheepishly-give-due-praise-to-the-director-of-Swordfish thing out of proportion. But while watching Season of the Witch, I could have sworn that scene was qualification-less good. Like, good-good. That good. The good of good. Damn that Absente.

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