Wednesday, August 17, 2011

32) The Private Eyes (1981)

32) The Private Eyes (1981) Dir: Michael Hui Date Released: June 1977 Date Seen: February 5, 2011 Date Released: June 31, 1977 Rating: 3.75/5

No, I have no idea how the Hui brothers achieved time travel now that we know that that's a theoretical impossibility. But somehow, according to IMDB, they did it and released their movie in San Francisco four years before it was officially produced. What. The. Fuuuuuck.*

But wouldn't it be nice to imagine that that's how the Hui brothers rolled? I mean, The Private Eyes is a blast, a goofy lark full of fun sight gags, well-timed slapstick and even a martial arts scene where a swordfish is used as a weapon. Yeah. So why not cookie rocket, I mean time travel? After watching this movie, I'd believe anything you tell me about the Hui brothers. They're like the Hong Kong film scene's Chuck Norris.

*According to Google, they produced the film in 1976. But shhhh.

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