Thursday, February 16, 2012

27) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2011)

27) Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (2011) Dir: Kevin Munroe Date Released: April 29, 2011 Date Seen: January 20, 2012 Rating: 2/5

A comic book adaptation with all of the excesses and none of the modest charms of the Judge Dredd-era of science fiction/horror films: irritating comedic sidekick not off-set by charismatic male lead (Brandon Routh really struggles here and it pains me to say that as someone that thought he was fun during his brief appearance in Zack and Miri Make a Porno); totally generic search for a whatsit plot not off-set by endearingly wacky plot tangents, like the zombie body part market (yawn; not quirky enough to be memorable); and lack of snappy dialogue not made up for by ludicrously excessive budget (budget was mid-range, I'd guess; certainly didn't look like a big production). 

Also: why do I get the feeling that the filmmakers didn't give a fuck about the source comics? Didn't even vaguely resemble a Dylan Dog story...

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