Wednesday, February 8, 2012

490) Young Adult (2011)

490) Young Adult (2011) Dir: Jason Reitman Date Released: December 16, 2011 Date Seen: December 5, 2011 Rating: 3/5

I saw this and thought: Diablo Cody's faux bad girl charms (Only in terms of screenwriting! She might be a kitten with a whip irl, for all I care) have thus far only really worked when tempered with Jason Reitman's wholesome sense of optimism. I mean, while Charlize Theron's character arc often feels shallow, there is something to Young Adult's depiction of a drunk, aspirant coulda-been. It's just that the film could use a stronger director and a few more polishes from Cody. Theron's good, Patton Oswalt's good, yadda yadda. Can't get too worked up over this one either way. It's fine. Mostly.

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