Saturday, February 18, 2012

45) Ricochet (1991)

45) Ricochet (1991) Dir: Russell Mulcahy Date Released: October 4, 1991 Date Seen: January 29, 2012 Rating: 3.75/5

Don't call this one a guilty pleasure: it's too much fun for me to ever feel ashamed for liking it. The ludicrousness of this stupid but insanely entertaining Denzel Washington vehicle, which I suspect is what the makers of Law Abiding Citizen were direfully riffing on, never stops increasing. After a certain point, you just have to unclench and enjoy. That moment comes pretty early on, too, I think: if you're still trying to keep a goofy grin from creeping onto your face once a now-naked Denzel tries to cover up his junk with a moist-towelette, then you're really not long for this world. And John Lithgow is a hoot as the disgruntled, revenge-obsessed and downright EVIL career criminal that does everything within his power to ruin Denzel's reputation. Gosh, just thinking about this movie makes me smile involuntarily.

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