Monday, January 30, 2012

489) Rampart (2011)

489) Rampart (2011) Dir: Oren Moverman Date Released: November 23, 2011 Date Seen: December 2, 2011 Rating: 2/5

Rampart made understand some of the complaints regarding Oren Moverman's direction of The Messenger. Namely: he's a much better screenwriter than he is a director. The natural lighting and hand-held photography in Rampart eventually wore on my lat nerve and really took me out of the film. It just clashed with the film's stylized dialogue, co-written by James Ellroy, too much. It distracted me and at times, really reminded me that Moverman's head is in two spaces at once while directing this film: Rampart is pulp but it's realistic pulp. I found that hard to swallow. Perhaps I'll like it more the second time around (might be reviewing it for next week but dunno just yet).

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