Sunday, January 1, 2012

456) Eye of the Cat (1969)

456) Eye of the Cat (1969) Dir: David Lowell Rich Date Released: June 18, 1969 Date Seen: October 30, 2011 Rating: 1.75/5

I will give this totally ludicrous film points for being, well, totally ludicrous. And I do love the exterior scenes that really establish the film as a San Francisco film. But yowza, this movie had me in stitches. Cats, everywhere cats! EVIL CATS. My buddy Steve Carlson was trying to convince me that this was knowingly ridiculous. But hey, look, I've seen killer cats played up to the point where it was knowingly ridiculous. I mean, we all remember that episode of the Emma Peel-era Avengers with the killer cats, right? Right?


Look, I've seen it and that's all that matters. But this is not that. There are too many moments where I felt they were seriously trying to show me, in close-ups no less, that the face of an angry cat is one of the most frightening things ev-ar. And it doesn't work! 'Cause they're kitty doodoo butts and Rich just didn't work hard enough to get past the cats' inherent kyoot-ness in order to accentuate something even remotely frightening. 

So yeah, totally ridiculous. But hey, there's that one ridiculous (in a De Palma sense of the word) scene where the lady is hurtling down the street in a wheelchair in slow motion after one cat dropkicks her. Yeah, you know the scene I mean. And if you don't, well, you should.

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