Saturday, January 14, 2012

465) The Woods (2006)

465) The Woods (2006) Dir: Lucky McKee Date Released (DVD): October 3, 2006 Date Seen: November 6, 2011 Rating: 3.75/5

I was surprised at how much I liked The Woods. By the time I saw it, I'd gotten into the McKee state of mind. So I found The Woods to be the most consistently entertaining and retrained feature I'd seen by him. At the same time, restraint is a double-edged sword when you're dealing with a filmmaker like McKee, whose films make him seem like a punk feminist or something. Don't you want him frothing at the mouth and not strait-jacketed and polite? I guess I'll take the strait jacket.

Still, while The Woods falls apart in the end (only once they have to start delving into the mythology of the school), I was pretty entertained for the most part. Bruce Campbell's over-glorified cameo is a hoot. The girls are pretty good, too. Apart from some troubled production history, I don't see why this has such a bad reputation...and I'm glad I don't care enough to find out. Because I rather like this one.

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