Sunday, June 17, 2012

176) Womb Ghosts (2010)

176) Womb Ghosts (2010) Dir: Dennis Law Not Yet Released Date Seen: May 29, 2012 Rating: 2.75/5

Now, here's a movie by an inept gay auteur sorting out his mommy issues that I can get behind!

...I actually kinda want to leave my thoughts on Womb Ghosts there but I shan't, mostly because nobody knows who Dennis Law is beyond Grady Hendrix and Daniel Craft, and they both dislike Law's movies. 

And I get why: dude is a really lousy filmmaker. But as a collection of weird, fatuously expressed anxieties that lack a strong or particularly consistent thematic anchor to moor them beyond a rote concern with being haunted by the maternal/psycho-sexual sins of someone else's past, Womb Ghosts is...ok, fine, it's a total mess. 

Still, there are any number of singular images from this film that have stayed with me, and not just because the film charming as a stale cinnamon raisin bagel paired with a bottle of Sunny D (no, wait, that's still too charming). But yeah, show me something more batshit than a ghost fetus forcibly inserting itself into her host's vagina, I dare you. Or something more endearingly perplexing as Suet Lam flaying a ghost vigorously, then apparently whipping the open air where said ghost once was. What exactly is wrong with this film? Everything. Everything is wrong with this film and I do not understand it. But ok, let's see more by this guy. 

Dennis Law could very well be Hong Kong's answer to Ed Wood.

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