Sunday, June 24, 2012

186) The Dictator (2012)

186) The Dictator (2012) Dir: Larry Charles Date Released: May 16, 2012 Date Seen: June 10, 2012 Rating: 3.75/5

Pretty happy to note how long this one has held on in theaters (still at several multiplexes as of this date!). I was dreading it based on its goofy and mostly unfunny trailers. But I should have known better than to trust ads that were clearly meant to pander to a disinterested hoi palloi's tastes (note: when I say "disinterested," I mean that the ad guys anticipated that  people would be disinterested; I laughed heartily at both Borat and Bruno). Also pretty happy to see that people aren't as hung up on the dissembling severity of Sacha Baron Cohen's cultural critique style of comedy. I mean, anyone that watches The Dictator and sees a film that is seriously trying to say anything other than, "Even the most progressive of you is a fascist at heart," is fooling themselves. Some jokes don't hit, but most do. Like I said on Twitter, I laughed.

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