Saturday, November 26, 2011

349) Tabloid (2010)

349) Tabloid (2010) Dir: Errol Morris Date Released: July 15, 2011 Date Seen: September 9, 2011 Rating: 3.75/5

To say that Morris is a story-teller first and a journalist second is a serious understatement. Though realistically, he's more of a raconteur than anything else. Like, a raconteur by proxy. He doesn't even develop all of the lurid details of the various tangents that make up Joyce McKinney's story (ex: What happened to Joyce's dog, the one that died? Such a shocking detail thrown out there without even a cursory inquiry from nearby neighbors or the police or anything...). I know, I know, the he-said, she-said aspect to Morris's narrative is what makes Tabloid riveting, not the fact that it's so lurid and over-the-top. But hey, the lurid and over-the-top stuff helps a lot, too.

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