Monday, November 7, 2011

ISF: Bela, The Cat Man (2011)

ISF: Bela, The Cat Man (2011) Dir: ArslanAhmed007 (AKA: Some YouTube guy) Date Released (on YouTube): June 28, 2011 Rating: 3/5

This short's got a great subject--Bela, a street performer at Cannes whose gimmick involves trained cats. Didn't take much for this to hit my button: Bela commutes, is a working-class stiff, is lonely and has cats. I sympathized. Hell, I related. The one time this got really interesting though was when someone challenged Bela about how he treated his cats. The passer-by claimed that Bela's cats couldn't be trained if he hadn't been cruel to them and made them do things no normal cat would voluntarily do. That very well might be. Bela seems like a nice guy and all but he also seems a little emotionally...not all there. He's a rather unreliable narrator, in other words. That question, of whether or not we can deeply love someone or some animal, in this case, but also be cruel to them--that stayed me. It bothers me still, I think.

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