Saturday, January 14, 2012

469) Immortals (2011) and 471) Happy Feet Two (2011)

469) Immortals (2011) Dir: Tarsem Singh Date Released: November 11, 2011 Date Seen: November 10, 2011 Rating: 4/5

471) Happy Feet Two (2011) Dir: George Miller Date Released: November 18, 2011 Date Seen: November 13, 2011 Rating: 2.75/5

My last review blast for Nomad Wide Screen. The following weeks were a very bad time for me. But at least the work didn't suffer too much for it, I hope. Check these reviews and one of my two previously-linked-to pieces on The Descendants. And for those of you that paid the measly amount to read Wide Screen: thanks. It's appreciated.

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